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January is Tax & Accounting Super Month!


January is a Tax & Accounting Super Month here at ColemanTax.

There is so much to be done to make sure you are staying organized with your beauty business' financials AND meeting your Tax responsibilities.

Here are the due dates I need you to meet:

  • Complete 2022 Bookkeeping ASAP!

  • January 17th - Q4 2022 Estimated Tax Payments

  • January 20th - Q4 2022 State Sales Tax (most states)

  • January 31st - 2022 Form W-2s and Form 1099s are due to the IRS and a copy to the recipient

Now, ya'll know I LOVE to give you resources to help you navigate through this!

Inside of the "Beautypreneur Finance Mastery" Facebook Group, we have "Guides" that you can use as resources.

Take a look at my latest video which discusses what you should be doing for Tax and Accounting this month.

Don't forget to join the Facebook group to take a look at our "Guides"!


It is Tax Time!

👉🏽 Schedule 15 minutes to chat with me about preparing your tax return for your beauty business!

To schedule your appointment:

1️⃣ Click this link to our Tax Prep Inquiry Questionnaire:

2️⃣ Complete the Tax Prep Inquiry Questionnaire. The information being requested allows me to get to know you and your business better. It also allows me to give you an accurate quote for your tax preparation services.

3️⃣ Upload your latest filed tax return(s) to the portal.

4️⃣ Schedule your Tax Compliance date and time.

Keep Making The World Beautiful!

❤️ Kenesha "The Beauty CPA"

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