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Get off your Tax Pedestal & Start using Tax Loopholes NOW!

Are you using Tax Loopholes to save yourself THOUSANDS on taxes?!

Do you even know what a Tax Loophole is?

A tax loophole is a legal way for you to save money on taxes.

Just think about it.

All tax deductions and tax credits do is that they help you save money on your taxes.

I think tax loopholes get a negative connotation and they become controversial because those same tax deductions and tax credits are exploited in a way that maybe the lawmakers did not intend.

But we're still going to use them to save money on our taxes, because while it may be tax avoidance, it is not tax evasion, because it is still part of the tax law.

And until Congress changes that, and only until that tax law is changed and that loophole is closed, it is still available for you to take advantage of to save money on your taxes.

So please Beautypreneurs. Get off of your tax pedestal and start using Tax Loopholes to save money on Taxes!

Have no pride when it comes to this. If it's in the tax law, though it may be a tax loophole, it is legal, and you should take advantage of it to save money on your taxes.

Here's one of my favorites for you! It's called "The Augusta Strategy" and it's all about how you can rent your home to your business. When you use this strategy you will be able to get a deduction for your beauty business and NOT have to report the corresponding rental income on your personal tax return. It's a WIN-WIN for an activity you are likely already doing in your business!

If you have any questions about Tax Loopholes, book your FREE Tax Strategy Session with me TODAY to learn how we can assist you in identifying ways to save on taxes!


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